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Order and Chaos

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Sub Boost

Install Sub Boost on a rezzed piece of ice as a hosted condition counter with the text "Host ice gains barrier and '[Subroutine] End the run.' after all its other subroutines."

"It's fun watching them derez after hitting Enigma." -Grace Lamarr, Freelance Security Expert

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2 [Recurring Credit]

Use these credits to install ice protecting this server.

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If Cyberdex Virus Suite is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.

When the Runner accesses Cyberdex Virus Suite, you may purge virus counters.

[Trash]: Purge virus counters.

Trash the first operation you access each turn at no cost.

"My only regret is that androids cannot feel my hate."

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When your turn begins, trash the top 2 cards of your stack. Draw 1 card.

"**** you, mother******!"

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The Corp starts the game with 1 bad publicity.

"Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone."

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Amped Up

Gain [Click][Click][Click] and suffer 1 brain damage (cannot be prevented).

"The human brain only uses like a quarter of its capacity anyway, right?" -MaxX

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I've Had Worse

Draw 3 cards.

Whenever I've Had Worse is trashed by taking net or meat damage, draw 3 cards.

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This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.

The Corp's maximum hand size is reduced by 1 for each bad publicity he or she has.

No one knows what they want-least of all them.

Showing Off

Make a run on R&D. If successful, instead of accessing cards from the top of R&D, access cards from the bottom of R&D (starting with the bottom card and working your way up).

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Wanton Destruction

Make a run on HQ. If successful, instead of accessing cards, you may spend any number of [Click] to force the Corp to trash an equal number of cards from HQ at random.

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Day Job

As an additional cost to play this event, spend [Click][Click][Click].

Gain 10.

"Hello thank you for vidding MegaBuy I'm Carol how can I help you."