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Unlike previous sets, basic magic stones can no longer be found in the booster packs; instead, 30 basic magic stones are placed in a separate pack that comes with every box.

This cluster has a focus on draft play; as such, each booster box will also come with 5 separate "basic" J/Rulers, which cannot be found in the booster packs.

This is the fourth and final set in the Reiya Cluster.

Familiar mechanics such as "Spirit Magic" and "Mystery Counters" introduced in the Starter Decks will be carried over. New mechanics such as "Auras" and "Time Will" will be introduced.

Includes support for the Avatar, Beast, Cthulhu, Dark Elf, Demon, Dinosaur, Doll, Dragon, Dragonoid, Elemental, Elf, Ethereal Tree, Fairy, Fairy Tale, Ghost,Guardian, Human, Inverse, Little Girl, Mermaid, Moon, Myth, Panda, Rabbit, Soul, Spirit, Story, Treasury Item, Vampire, Wererabbit, Wicked Spirit, Witch, and Wizard races.

Introduces the "[Aura]" and "[Time Will]" mechanics.

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