Damage Decks 2nd Ed

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Damage Decks 2nd Ed

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Damage Deck, X-Wing Core Set

This product contains 33 Damage Cards. This is considered a complete deck for game play purposes.

Contents of this product are:

  • 2x Blinded Pilot
  • 2x Console Fire
  • 2x Damaged Engine
  • 2x Damaged Sensor Array
  • 5x Direct Hit!
  • 2x Disabled Power Regulator
  • 4x Fuel Leak
  • 2x Hull Breach
  • 2x Loose Stabilizer
  • 2x Panicked Pilot
  • 2x Structural Damage
  • 2x Stunned Pilot
  • 2x Weapons Failure
  • 2x Wounded Pilot

All our cards are in near mint condition